Higher peak power of the laser enables greater processing capability and efficiency, particularly in cutting ultra-hard materials, like silicon carbide and diamond.The laser system is highly integrated, incorporating the laser, power supply, Q-switching control, and protection circuits into a compact and easy-to-install unit, facilitating maintenance. The internal resonator cavity is equipped with a self-cleaning system and stable cavity design, addressing power attenuation issues and ensuring an extended lifespan.


Single pulse energy>1.6mj

Superior beam quality M²<1.3

Ultra-long service life and power stability

All-in-one compact design


Diamond slicing&coring

Diamond shape cutting(4Processing for 4mm+diamonds)

Carbon fiber cutting

Sic wafer dicing

Super hard material cutting


Model No. MMEPG-532-16-HE MMEPG-532-20-HE
Optical Characteristics
Wavelength (nm) 532nm
Average Power (W) >16W@10kHz >20W@10kHz
Single Pulse Energy (uJ) ~1600uJ@10kHz ~2000uJ@10kHz
Pulse Width (ns) ~20ns@10kHz
Repitition Rate 7kHz-100kHZ
Pulse Stability <3% rms
Long Term Stability <±3%
Beam Characteristics
Polarization Ratio Vertical;>100:1
Beam Diameter ~1mm(at exit)
Beam Circularity >90%
Spatial Mode TEM00, < 1.3
Operating Specifications
Warm-up Time <15 minutes from cold start
Electrical Requirement DC17.5,350W
Ambient Temperature 10-35℃,RH<80%
Storage Conditions -10-40℃,RH<90%
Physical Characteristics
Cooling System Water-Cooled
Water Temperature (laser inlet) 25℃